Change the ‘Start’ Button to you name or anything – How to

I know this trick is from the  medieval  period but hey, it is fun.

Okay, now, I will show you  how to change START  button at Windows O.S, with our name, for an example,   GOSER , like the picture below.



  • Download  software Resource Hacker at  here, is a software decompiler tool.
  • Place the  into directory you want, such as C:\, D:\ or E:\, or maybe your FlashDisk, so you can use this  software mobile.
  • Extract the  file, you will find 6 files, ResHacker.exe  is the execute file  to run  the software.
  • To change  the button  of  text, you need the file explorer.exe , this file is used  to run  Windows Explorer, you can find the file at C:\Windows\explorer.exe
  • Copy explorer.exe  to explorer1.exe , with the same size, but different name of file (you have 2 files)



  • Run ResHacker.exe , open the explorer1.exe 
  • Go to String Table , go to 37? -> 1033?. At  line 578, you will find the word start , change into whatever name you want, max. 5 character

  • Do not forget to click Compile Script  button.
  • Go to 38?, and repeat like above.
  • Click File menu, then Save
  • Now, you have edited explorer1.exe  from start  to GOSER 
  • IS IT DONE YET? NO,  we have 1 little step again to go
  • Click Start Button, then choose RUN,  type regedit.exe  or regedit  (without quote/ ), then enter
  • Find the key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
  • Find the value named Shell  and change it to equal the filename of the new explorer explorer1.exe . Exit your  registry editor, cloase all program that opened and restart Windows for the change to take effect. To reverse the change, modify the value of Shell  and set it back to explorer.exe 

    If everything has gone successfully you will now have a new Start button with the name of GOSER ,


    NOTE: Careful with the registry Editor, it might mess up with your windows and you might require a re-install

    Dhawal D