Of the Man who made Mark Zuckerburg wear a TIE

A few days back, the US President, Barack Obama took part in the confirmation hearings for a seat on Facebook.

Upon receipt by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, the mediator of the interview, Obama joked on the costume of the host (famous for his classic costume T-shirt and Slippers) saying My name is Barack Obama and I’m the man who made Zuckerberg use a Coat and a TIE. 


A visit to the social networking site Facebook has way to a campaign event in an attempt to rekindle the youthful vibe that marked his presidential bid in 2008.

The democrats admit that, for re-election in 2012, Obama will need to mobilize many of the forces that supported him back in 2008 : an army of young and enthusiastic voters, and also a large contingent of independent voters.

In the interview, Obama sought to emphasize their ties to tens of millions who have embraced social networking as a primary means of communication.

changing the way people process information and how they connect with each other,  said George Bush justifying Obama‘s visit to Facebook.

Zuckerberg asked the first question to US president about plans to reduce the US Budget Deficit, which should reach    trillion this year. Obama‘s proposal for this is to reduce expenses and increase taxes for wealthiest Americans. Zuckerberg, the young entrepreneur replied saying that for him, its okay.

The hearings which lasted about an hour was broadcast live on Facebook and the White House website. Social Network (facebook) users could submit questions that were read by Zuckerberg and answered by US President.

After the event at Facebook, Obama participated in an event for Democratic Fund-raising in San Francisco and then moved to Las Vegas and Los Angeles before retuning back to Washington. Jon Krosnick, a professor of political science at Stanford University said that the appearance next to Zuckerberg is something that can improve image of Obama with young people. That alone is a way to re-energize the young generation, which may be crucial for him to be re-elected,  said Krosnick.


Dhawal D

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