Internet connection is giving Error? Here is a solution | How to

Imagine you are using the High Speed internet connection and suddenly it throws up and error somewhere. If your web browsing connection starts to malfunction here are some tips listed below in this article, which might help you to detect and solve any of the problems in no time. Here are some errors you might encounter in a  high speed internet connection which is most paramount nowadays.

1.  Error 633

Error 633 is somehow the same thing as error 630 because they both have the same properties which are computer LAN card problem.

How to resolve it:

You don’t need to go along way before solving this kind of problems because you can’t get a lasting solution to it than to change the Computer LAN card and start enjoying your connection back.


2. Error 678

This is one of the most common problems of the high speed internet connection, it is always happens due to poor internet connectivity. The problem   can occur in any of these areas of your high speed internet connection including the Tier 2 network service providers that engages in the practice of peering your internet connection with other networks, broadband remote access server, and the computer you are using for the connection either laptop or personal computer (desktop computer).

If you want to solve this kind of error problem which is norm to poor internet connection, you can follow this advice to solve it.

How to resolve it

Power off your internet connection modem and switch it on again in about five or ten minutes after, then retry the connection and if the error code persists after that, reset the modem by pressing the back pin in the hole where you used to switch it on and the connection will be stable.

3.  Website is Not Opening from Data One

In a situation when the website you are trying to access is not showing up or is not accessible, there are certain things you need to consider in order to solve them. If it happens that most of dialup internet sites are opening, from VSNL sites are opening also but from Data One sites are not showing up. There are certain things you need to consider for you to know the reasons behind it.

(a)       You might be using a pirated Operating System

(b)     Your Internet Browser might been affected by virus or spyware.

How to resolve it:

You can call a computer operator around you to help you fix it if you can’t figure out the solution yourself.


4. Error 691

This is the problem that always associated with your username and password authentication id problem.

How to resolve it: this kind of problem can be solved by contacting your high speed internet ISP for help.

5. Error 718

This problem occurs in two types of times and it differs from each others, and they are peak and slack Period.

(a)       Peak Period: the problem occurs when the loading time of the system is too high and the amount of customers has exceeded the number of maximum amount of telephone call that can be handled by the Broadband Remote Access Server (B.RAS).

(b) Slack Period: it occurs at the time when the PPPoE has been corrupted.

How to resolve it:

At peak period, you can leave it and try again at another time when it would have come back to normal, likewise in Slack period; you can reload your PPPoE again to refresh it.


6.  Error 769

Whenever you wanted to use your internet connection and see this error message that, you must know that it means that your Local Area Network is not enabled.

How to resolve it: this kind of error is very easy to resolve, what you just need to do is to enable your LAN and you can do it by following the steps below.

(a). Go to My Documents 

(b). Choose My Network Places .

(c). Then choose Properties.

(d). Click on Enable the Local network  and you are good to go online again.


7.  Error 797

Error 797 is popularly known as the problems that relates extremely on your internet connection Modem or Local Area Network in general.

How to resolve it: it can only be solved by holding on to the reset button in the backside of your modem and wait for about 5 minutes and the switch it on again. But if the problem proved to still continue; you can contact your ISP to help you examine your computer LAN Card drivers for inconsistency.

Dhawal D