4/16 Official Foursquare day! Acknowledged by many, Now by the Actual NYC Mayor

Fourteen cities have officially recognized this Saturday’s  foursquare day (4/16), but this one is the most special for foursquare the amazing community of users has convinced NYC’s  Mayor to declare a foursquare holiday in New York City. Mayor Bloomberg (not to be confused with the Mayor of the office,  front-end engineering intern David), swung by foursquare’s headquarters earlier today to hand-deliver the proclamation.



16 is the product of squaring four, so naturally the date of April 16th is the most logical one to be called Foursquare Day. Just  why such a celebration should exist is less obvious.

Well, it all started in Thampa, the foursquare day celebration and this year it is being celebrated in our 1000+ locations around the world.

via: engadget and foursquare blog


New Delhi, India have gone one step ahead this year and rolled out, foursquare awards, for more info, follow their Twitter handle.

Additionally, the celebrations are happening on all the major cities of India as well.

Dhawal D