The Most Expensive iPhone

Alright so you brought and iPhone 4 and it’s all cool with great feature and superb apps, you may think it is the best phone money can buy, we actually yes, BUT, what if I one up on it and tell you, it could be better.


Heres introducting a $8 Million iPhone 4

Luxury designer’ Stuart Hughes has just released his version of the  iPhone 4. It’s covered in more than 500 diamonds, weighing in total 100 carat and is made out of rose gold. The button is platinum fitted with a single-cute 7.4 carat pink diamond. This can all be yours for the amazingly low price of $7,945,500. You better hurry if you want one of these though because they’re only manufacturing two of these.

You would think that the case for this phone would be the same luxury as the rose gold and diamonds, like a satin box or a gold case, but it’s even better. You’re $8 million dollar iphone 4 will be nestled in a block of pink granite, when stored.

Well then Diamond sure is girls best friend, but an Diamond  Studded  iPhone when gifted to your better half we make then go  insanely  crazy about you. Go for it I’d say.


Dhawal D