How to Unlock Nexus S Bootloader – Tutorial

Nexus S, Google’s new entrant with Android Gingerbread 2.3, is the first device to get a Built-in Android 2.3, closely followed by the Nexus One.

Here is the procedure to Unlock the Bootloader on the Nexus S

  1. Power off your  Nexus S
  2. Hold the Volume up + Power keys together.
  3. Your phone will be in the standard recovery mode
  4. Assuming you already have the latest Android SDK installed (which can be found  here) on you PC/Mac
  5. Open command prompt (for Windows) and Terminal (for Mac), type fastboot devices to check that the phone is connected via USB.
  6. If its connected type fastboot oem unlock
  7. Accept it and the new bootloader in unlocked.

P.S.: Unlocking the Bootloader will cause a Factory Reset

Now comes the most important question!

Q. Why to unlock the Bootloader?
A. Unlocking the bootloader gives you access to install Custom Built ROMS in the present as well as the future.

Happy Unlocking!

Dhawal D

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