Facebook Privacy Settings De-mystified

You are on Facebook and you have 200+ friends, you like to make new friends, Upload your photos, Phone number, Where you live, where you work, your e-mail ID and more. How tough do you think it will be for a Hacker or a user with illegitimate morals to get hold of you.

Facebook privacy is, the number one concern of virtually every user on Facebook. We tend to share a lot of stuffs on the social network, but we don’t necessarily want  everyone peering into our lives. When Facebook unveiled its new Open Graph and Instant Personalization services earlier this year, these concerns only amplified, and many users began rightfully complaining that they were losing aegis over their own online domain. In reality, though, we still have plenty of control over who can see our profiles, and even what information they can see.a

All you have to do is click on the ‘Account’ tab at the top right-hand corner of your homepage, and select ‘Privacy Settings’ from the drop-down menu and then ‘View Settings.’ From here, you can choose to share all your info with the entire Facebook community, with friends of friends, or with your friends exclusively.

Clicking on Each section gives you an idea of how to go about sharing stuffs and Whom do you want the stuffs to be seen. But if you still want to customize your Privacy even further Hit the Custom Link there and there you will find every aspect of your Social network to be had your way.

For Eg. you put your Phone number up on facebook, people who don’t know you and who are not even on your friends list can view it just by search for you. How easy is that?

Other things you can do to allow you to post updates, photos, etc to only People intended to.

1. Create Lists:

This function seems to be under rated, however I reckon it’s on of the most powerful tools to control privacy

It’s important to know that Everyone  doesn’t just mean all Facebook users anymore. According to  Facebook’s own website, it means the entire Internet. This is a good thing to keep in mind if you select Everyone  as a share setting for a post. A search for the term soo drunk  with Facebook’s Posts by Everyone  option reveals some openly available results that were probably not intended for public consumption.

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To create and edit lists:

  • Go to  Account
  • Click  Edit Friends
  • Click  Create New List (or  Edit List if it’s for an existing list)
  • Add friends to this list

To use lists:

  • Go to  Account
  • Click  Privacy Settings
  • Click  Personal Information and Posts
  • Select different areas and click  Customize

2. Another option is to completely remove your profile’s visibility outside of Facebook.

To do this, simply:

  • Click  Account
  • Click  Privacy Settings
  • Click  Search
  • Uncheck the  Public Search Results option
  • This makes your profile invisible to non-Facebook users.

How to Remove Yourself From Facebook Search Results
Now that you’ve decided that you would like to remove yourself from Facebook’s search results, here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit your  search privacy settings page
  2. Under Search Visibility  select Only Friends  (Remember, doing so will remove you from Facebook search results, so make sure you want to be removed totally. Otherwise, you can select another group, such as My Networks and Friends  which I believe is the default.)
  3. Click Save Changes 

3. Keep Control over you ‘likes’, review them on regular basis.

4. Disable your third Party Application when you don’t use them

– Go to Privacy Settings

– At the bottom Right you have “Apps and website”

3. Make you Contact Information Private using the Custom Privacy Setting

4. Keep Your Friendships Private

While it’s fun to show off that you have hundreds or thousands of friends on Facebook, some of your friends don’t want to live public lives. That’s why it’s often a good policy to turn off your friends’ visibility to others. I’ve had a number of individuals visit my profile and then selectively pick off friends that are relevant to them for marketing purposes, or other reasons.

Whatever the reason they are doing it, just know that they are ¦ it’s part of what makes Facebook so addictive: the voyeuristic nature. Also, your friends are frequently visible to the public through search engines and exposing this information can ultimately present a security risk. To modify the visibility of your friends, visit the  Profile Privacy page.

Navigate down to the setting which says Friends  and then modify the setting to whatever is right for you.

Once you’ve found the right mix for you, double-check the settings by clicking the ‘Preview Profile’ tab near the top of the customization page. There, you can see exactly how your profile looks to specific friends, by typing in their names at the top of the page. Facebook may not officially “recommend” that you customize your profile with such a precision, but we certainly do.

You know they have 500+ Million Active Members and one of they might to hunting for you.

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