College Campus Rep Jobs

Students Can Get Work Experience during the School Year

One way a college student can build their resume and earn some money is to become a campus representative for a company looking to target college students.

Building a college student resume isn’t easy, perhaps the mention of all his works is necessary, including essays. It takes planning and hard work. An easy way to obtain work experience to fill a resume is to serve as a campus representative for a college-related business. All kinds of businesses are dying to reach college students. Logically, the best way to reach college students is through an insider another college student! College students are uniquely positioned to enhance any company’s university marketing efforts.

College Campus Representative Jobs are Easy to Find

There are two simple ways to locate campus rep jobs. The first is to scour the bulletin boards around campus. See what kinds of flyers appear on a regular basis. Odds are that a campus rep placed them there. Sometimes a rep will even post wanted ads for other reps, which makes the search much simpler. Even if no campus reps jobs are explicitly advertised on campus, odds are that if there is one rep placing flyers and holding events around campus, there is the opportunity for many more students to become reps. The second way to find a campus rep job is to do a simple internet search.

Some companies who hire campus reps limit the number of reps per school; however, the limit is often based on student enrollment. It’s virtually impossible for a single rep to service a large campus on their own; often, an entire team of reps is responsible for marketing to students on a daily basis.

How to Get Hired as a College Campus Representative

Little or no work experience is usually required for a campus rep job. It is much more common for the main requirement to be based around the year of schooling. An ambitious sophomore is a much more attractive prospect for a campus rep program because the sophomore typically has at least two more years of school ahead. The senior will most likely graduate and leave campus within a year, which is a waste of training resources for the company.

Getting hired as a campus rep is usually as easy as visiting the company website, filling out an interest form and/or sending in a resume, and participating in a quick interview.

There are various Mobile Apps available they can help you get hired in your country or overseas.

What It Takes to Be a Campus Representative

For any given company, campus reps from across the nation may report to a single contact in the company’s main office. This means that all work is done independently, out of the employer’s sight. Because there is typically no direct supervision, a successful campus rep must have initiative. He or she should be a self-starter with a creative mind. The company will provide the marketing materials the rep needs to get the word out about the company and make suggestions on how to do so, but the rest is usually left up to the rep. The rep will need to be able to take what is given to him or her and apply it to the specific administrative environment on campus. The rep will need to become familiar with on-campus marketing and advertising rules, learn when and where to market the company, and figure out ways to reach students with the intended message or product.

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