8 Indispensable Edtech Tools For Homeschooling

Aren’t homeschoolers the luckiest students? They get to choose the kind of educational technology tools that work for them without restrictions. Fortunately, a wide variety of edtech tools have been invented to facilitate learning and the homeschooling segment has not been left behind. Edtech tools provide different ways of learning which make education fun and efficient for homeschoolers. It’s a digital world and homeschoolers need to integrate Edtech into their curriculum.

  1. Farfaria: This is a mobile application that contains several books whereby children can read a lot of stories. The students can either choose to read the story or have it read to them aloud by the application. Farfaria can work on Android phones, iPad, and iPhone. Amazingly, a homeschooler can access a book as and when they want to even when they are not online. Farfaria is designed to be used by children between the ages of 1-9 years.


  1. Diigo: This tool is essential for the development of research skills. It allows students to bookmark sites as well as helping them to organize their work. Additionally, Diigo increases a student’s ability to annotate web pages and references. Research becomes a critical component of learning for a homeschooler and if the student does not have the required skills, they might find it very difficult to learn. This explains why Diigo is an indispensable tool in the classroom.


  1. org: This is an online tool made to help a student in constructing complex and error-free sentences. It provides guidelines on how to write interactively in addition to maintaining correct punctuations. Upon completion of a lesson, a student carries out a test to determine their grammar abilities. This tool saves time for tutor since the student activities can be tracked and feedback provided on time. Quill.org works for K-12 learners.


  1. Kubbu: Learning can be very boring since most homeschoolers are usually in the company of their tutor alone. Incorporating fun activities that are education-related can come in handy to reduce this boredom. Kubbu allows for the creation of online learning activities such as puzzles and word jumbles among others. The tutor can also assess the strong and weak areas of the student through the tool.


  1. Gradeslam: If a homeschooler is looking to improve their proficiency in any of the subjects, Gradeslam is definitely a tool to consider. This online tool provides personalized tutoring for students by allowing them to chat with tutors who are experts in specific areas. This tool’s best attribute is that a student is able to ask questions regarding their weak areas. Additionally, they are guided on how to go about their homeschool assignments.


  1. Spiderscribe: Many homeschoolers are not usually in a position to work in groups. As such, coming up with ideas about a project can be really difficult. Spiderscribe solves this problem by helping them to develop mind mapping skills. It helps them to organize ideas and linking them by creating a visual representation.


  1. Desmos: Desmos is designed to increase literacy in math as well as make it enjoyable for homeschoolers. It helps them in the creation of tables, plotting of functions and animation of graphs among others. Math has never been easy for many people. Homeschoolers should consider Desmos to make math comprehendible.


  1. Showbie: Fast and easy submission of work is crucial for homeschoolers. Showbie is a mobile application that allows for digital submission of assignments to the tutors. It saves the work and scores such that they can be retrieved in the future. Additionally, the application allows for assessments to be conducted.

Are you a homeschooler or tutor in a home-based setting who is not sure about tools you can integrate into your work? Look no further than these 8 edtech tools which are a must-have for those who want to promote efficiency in learning.

The internet provides several ways that can make homeschooling efficient and cost-effective. For instance, there are very many tutorials on YouTube that can be used as course references. Although some of these edtech tools can be expensive to integrate into the homeschooling curriculum, budget cuts should not deter your child from receiving a quality education.

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