Review: Man&Wood iPhone 6 Wooden Case

While we’re advancing towards various means and forms of technology our heart still remains in, well, it would be appropriate if we said, the jungle! We want our homes to be adorned with various wooden objects, have the perfect stone or marble tiles and yet our smartphones and other gadgets are an inseparable part of our lives these days and personalising them could be called, as trivial as it may seem, one of our favourite pastimes.

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IPhone which is considered to be the best smartphone on the market, in all its glory needs quality accessories and protection as it is not protected naturally against dust, scratches and wood. Man & Wood brings you a wood finish, durable, sleek and elegant phone case. Made from sustainable resources and latest patent technology this design has a natural warmth and elegance.

Man & Wood claims to have made this from natural wood, while it also claims to have protected the forests as much as your phone is protected in the case. The case and wood are completely integrated hence giving it a sleeker look and also not allowing the wood to warp when in contact with water.


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The case fits beautifully optimising functionality to all of the device’s ports. It perfectly compliments your phone and is available in six different designs including ‘ebony’, ‘terra’ and ‘bolivar blue’ and its grainy wooden texture doesn’t allow the phone to slip out of your hands easily, providing good grip.




The only thing that goes against the Man & Wood iphone 6 case, which maybe of minor significance really is that the case is not all but a thin layer of wood and has a real tight grip on the phone, so getting it out of the case is a difficult task.


So if you’re someone who thinks green and sustainable this is what you want to go for., You can buy this Wooden iPhone 6 Case from Mobile Fun


Man&Wood iPhone 6 Wooden Case

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