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The internet has proved to be an excellent platform for efficient and quick communication such as https://www.vindicia.com/solutions/recurring-billing, and with the advent of smart phones and tablets, we have taken this convenience even further. Phone calls, emails, conference calls, etc. are all available to us at any time, all from a single device. And this same power and convenience extends even to project managers who need to be on top of their work at all times, never forgetting the tiny details. Project management is a skill and a process — one of the most challenging in any organisation, however big or small, even if you are using the newest project management software for commercial buildings. But if a project manager can clarify each person’s role and responsibility, and if that team has a strong tool for communication, then things can be easier.


This is where Wrike comes into the picture. It is an online project management software, a mobile app, and even a Google Chrome extension that allows you to manage multiple projects within a neat workspace where you can create tasks and folders, communicate feedback, and collaborate efficiently with your team.



Task list: Wrike allows you to manage your team right from your laptop or mobile device. You can create task lists on a daily or weekly basis and assign these tasks and subtasks to your team members. Slicing a large sandwich into bite-sized pieces always helps you digest better, ever heard of that? You can do the same thing with projects — break it down into tasks and subtasks and assign them to your team, when choosing job management software UK be sure it can manage all aspects from quote to completion.

Organize: Want clearer context into your tasks? All you have to do is create folders or subfolders as project folders, and add tasks into the proper folders for better organization. What’s more, any task can sit in two or more folders helping in better communication between teams working on different aspects of the same project. Think of it not like storing a task in a folder but more like “tagging” a task with multiple tags to help with organization.

Share: Collaboration always makes individual work better. Having said that, Wrike allows you to selectively share your data in order to get help, feedback, or simply to gain a teammate’s perspective on your work. Any task or work data is visible only to you until you choose to share it or assign it to someone, or unless it i created in a folder that’s already been shared.

Connect : Imagine if you never had to transfer your meeting notes to an email in order to share it with the team. You can use Wrike to hold meeting minutes, to take notes during meetings, and then immediately share it with the team in one click. Then have the team discuss next actions right next to the ideas that were recorded. Then if you need software developing for your business then we recommend a great software development company who gave us some great results.

Delegate :
Designate a task leader and assignee for each task to make things more efficient. If there are multiple people working on the same task, no problem. You can collaborate in real time, editing and writing in the task description area simultaneously.
Follow: Wrike has an Activity stream that sends you instant updates on the tasks you follow — whether you’re on the website, or your mobile device. You can choose whether you want to follow the entire project or a particular task list.

Views: With Wrike you can create the most complex of projects in a clean and usable space, and everything from tables to timelines are included.

Apps: Wrike connects with almost everything: Gmail, Outlook, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, even Dropbox. Find a whole list here https://www.wrike.com/apps/.



Active Projects                                                                                                    Unlimited

Contract Agreement                                                                                        Annual, Month to Month

Data Storage                                                                                                          5GB+

Free Trial                                                                                                                  30 days

Monthly Rate                                                                                                        $0 – $99

Number of Users                                                                                                 5 – Unlimited

Wrike delivers collaboration tools to teams of any size and in any industry. Whatever the size of your organisation or even if you’re a freelance individual it is a great way to keep track of your projects, your tasks, and your team.

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