Review: Incipio Feather Shine Ultra-Thin iPhone 6 Case – White

Let me start by saying that Incipio is one of my favourite brands when it comes to iPhone cases, Incipio’s Feather Shine Ultra thin lightweight case features high density Plextonium polycarbonate with shock absorbing EVA interior.

Ideal for people looking to ensure that their beloved iPhone 6 don’t scratched or scuffed, rather than for people who want an inpact resistant iPhone 6 Case.

The Incipio Feather Shine Ultra-Thin iPhone 6 Case – White is an extremely light weight snap-on case with a brushed aluminium finish (not aluminium), however, it’s a bit thicker than its predecessors to give in that extra shock protection.

What’s in the box: Incipio Feather Shine Ultra-Thin iPhone 6 Case – White

The case comes in with a proprietary design case from Incipio, one would usually get accustomed to Incipio packaging and can figure out that brand name with the packaging they do, pretty amazing brand recall if you ask me. (check our review for Incipio Feather Matte Black iPhone 5 Case)

The packaging when opened contains the Slick new iPhone 6 Case, No Scratch guards here


Usage: Incipio Feather Shine Ultra-Thin iPhone 6 Case – White

Once you have the case out of its packaging, you can simply snap on your iPhone 6 and you’re ready to go, once installed, you need to ensure that the buttons are correctly align otherwise you might get a scratchy sound when you try to press the volume buttons, the case fits in perfectly with your iPhone infact the inner side provides an additional cushioning for your iPhone 6, while you may think that it might scratch the inner part of the phone when you remove the case and leave a permanent mark, that actually isn’t the case, the only reason we delayed this review is to ensure that this annoying issue doesn’t prevail with the case and if it does, we would report it.


The Inner part of the case is actually covered with a cushiony material that aborses the daily rough usage impacts.


We were actually scared of using the top side of the case and putting it on a rough material to not get it scratched but after 15 days of regular usage it has worn wonderfully with almost no noticeable scratches.


The cutout for the camera case fits extremely well and there are reflections etc from the flash, c’mon you would obviously expect Incipio to test that before they ship out their products, especially when its for an Apple Device.

The Volume and power button cutouts can some times becomes a bit squeaky but after a day or two of use it fits in well and you’re happy with the face that you phone’s covered with this case + it give a great look.

We were able to charge the phone an use the earpods effortlessly with this case 10 out of 10 times

How does the Incipio Feather Shine Ultra-Thin iPhone 6 Case – White look on your iPhone 6?

Well, here is how:


Incipio Feather Shine Ultra-Thin iPhone 6 Case – White

  • High density rigid hard shell
  • Brushed aluminium finish
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight
  • Superior protection in a durable form-factor
  • Made specifically for the iPhone 6


Incipio Feather Shine Ultra-Thin iPhone 6 Case – White

  • Buttons are a bit squeaky
  • Even though its an ultra thin case it tends to makes it a bit bulky, you would notice it when you remove the case after a few days of usage.
  • Low to Medium impact protection

Final Verdict: Incipio Feather Shine Ultra-Thin iPhone 6 Case – White

The Incipio Feather Shine Ultra-Thin iPhone 6 Case – White is a great case for regular use with everyday wear and tear, if you are looking for a performance case this is not for you, This snap-on case provides protection against dents and scratches, with a sleek and ultra-thin design

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The DNetWorks Team