Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Apple iPhone 6 vs. LG G3- Comparison of Top Upcoming Phones

Smart phones have been in lot of demand over the last five years. With the advent of technology, newer facilities and smart features are being incorporated into phones which have made them popular among users. The few big names that are being heard are without a second thought, Apple, Samsung and LG. The series of phones these cellular phone giants have produced has set up a benchmark for other developing smart phones.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Few of the most awaited phones of the year 2014 are Samsung Galaxy S6, Apple iPhone 6 and LG G3. This article aims to provide the readers an insight regarding the features and specifications of each of these upcoming smart phones.

Display Screen Sizes:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Image

Samsung S-series phones are known for their large display screens, while Apple never had a screen beyond 4.0”.  The Galaxy S6 may come with a screen size of 5.5” this time. The same for iPhone 6 is anticipated to reach at least 4.5” while for LG G3 the screen size would be 5.5”, same as Samsung Galaxy S6.

RAM and Memory:


The RAM sizes have surpassed 2GB since a long time. The new smart devices have at least 3 or 4GB RAM. While for Samsung Galaxy S6, the RAM would be increased to 4 GB and will have an internal memory of 64 GB, the iPhone 6 rumors say that it might have a memory of 128 GB. On the other hand, LG G3 is expected to have a RAM of 3GB, just to follow the flagship of different smart phones launched this year.

Operating System:

The Android version for the Samsung Galaxy S6 might be beyond 4.4 this year and speculations are also there that Samsung might introduce its own OS Tizen for that matter. For Apple series, the big change of the time is the inclusion of 64-bit A7 chipset and the use of iOS8 which will definitely have a newer interface and loads of other features. LG might choose the Android 4.4 with octa-core Odin processor this time making a changeover on the Snapdragon series.

Apple iPhone 6 1


A 20 MP primary and 7 MP secondary camera will be available for Samsung Galaxy S6, while the same for iPhone will be much same like the previous version which was 8 MP for primary camera. LG G3 will have a 13-16MP camera in its primary region with a much enhanced quality.

The different features are enlisted in this article which can help the readers to gain some knowledge about these most anticipated phones of the year 2014.

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