Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Revolutionary New Features

The Samsung has stunned the world with the launch of its flagship Galaxy S5 model. The Galaxy S5 has marked the entrance of the Samsung in the waterproof phone arena. Along with that, the S5 also has the much talked and improved fingerprint scanner for the better security purposes.

The Samsung is now planning to launch it’s another flagship model, namely Galaxy Note 4. The Note series has truly been a pioneer in the phablet phone market with extra-ordinary processing speed and stylus pen features.

As the users are expecting more and more from the Samsung, the company too is working very hard to go beyond the imaginations to come up with some never seen before features. Here below are some of the features which are ready to set yet another milestone for other companies like Apple, HTC, Sony and Nokia.

Hand Writing Recognition

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is reportedly having filed a petition for the patent for an app which is supposed to perform the task based on what you’ve written on your screen using the S pen.

For an example, if you’ve written open camera and click image on your locked screen, this app will unlock your screen and will open the camera app before clicking the image in front of the camera.

Now, that’s something really revolutionary app if it becomes a truth from the rumors.

The Battery Beast

All the smartphones no matter from which brand they’ve been launched has a very common issue of useless and fast battery drainage and run out of the juice before even the ¾th of the day completion.

The Note series, being full of features all the time has the same issue as well. Now, Note 4 could come up with the minimum 3,500 mAh battery to support the full day functioning for the users and solve this universal issue.

If the company loads this feature to the Note 4, then virtually no phone will be able to give competition to the Samsung while they’ll talk about the battery.

Android and Processor

The Samsung is the biggest ally of the android community. The company might take the advantage of this harmonization and may load the Note 4 with upcoming Android Lollypop 4.5. But, this could remain a dream as Google has legacy to launch the new android version on its Nexus phones. Still, I hope for the best.

Besides, Samsung has already got the fastest processor on earth, which is Qualcomm Snapdragon 801. Now, we can expect the same in Note 4 too with the touch of 64-Bit chipset and 4 GB of RAM support.

If the above configuration becomes a reality, then I guess the Samsung processor will become the fastest in the universe I think!

Wrap Up

There are endless speculations which are flying or will fly in the air till the Note 4 really appears on the selling list. But, being the customer, we’ve all the rights to get the best for our money and to let the company know what we need from it.

If you guys have some more thoughts which you would like to see as a reality in Note 4, then let us know them in the comment section below.

The DNetWorks Team