Innovations to expect from the future

We’re all supposed to be zooming around in flying cars by now, so where are they? Seriously, where are the flying DeLoreans? We’re also supposed to have robot maids doing our bidding and everyone was supposed to transition all clothing over to the grey, silver, or white onesie jumpsuit. That way, we all look the same. Didn’t happen – none of it.

Innovations to expect from the future


Oh well. When this reality implodes in on itself, a new reality will hopefully burst forth, giving us all the drones, robot maids, flying cars, warp drive, and floating houses we’ve come to expect from popular sci-fi.


Until then, we’ll have to be satisfied with actual scientific progress, boring as it may be. Such things as personal genetic sequencing for under £70 and , commercial space flight, and a high-speed trains from Beijing to London will have to do.


New drug delivery methods are also expected in the somewhat near future. One of the most challenging illnesses to treat are neurological disorders. That’s because the blood-brain barrier is difficult to cross, and thankfully so. The blood-brain barrier prevents a whole lot of nasties from making a home in your brain tissue – which would mostly likely be fatal most of the time.


But it also prevents drugs from taking affect when we want them to. That’s going to change with new delivery systems. Oh yeah, pretty soon, we’ll be printing all sorts of things from dishes to shirts. Oh yeah, we might also be seeing woolly mammoths roaming the Earth once more.