The Six Insider’s Secrets of Contagious Content

Struggling to share that brilliant bit of content that is destined to go viral on all the major social media networks?  While you might spend hours brainstorming for an idea that is likely to take the internet by storm, you might instead begin considering some of the psychological underpinnings of a viral post.  Is your post likely to make anyone who shares it look good?  Will it appeal to people’s sense of awe or anger?  Will it make them laugh?



It appears that there are some definitive similarities between the types of content that wind up with the most shares.  If you are a content specialist or an online marketer, you’ll want to discover some of the secrets behind the social media’s most contagious content.  By creating content that piques people’s interests or evokes a decided emotional response, your post might be the viral masterpiece your brand needs to make a social splash.  By plumbing the depths of viral content triggers, you may be better prepared to infuse these triggers into your own content. The Six Insider’s Secrets of Contagious Content will help you generate the share-worthy content you need to promote your brand, business, or organization.  Consider the secrets carefully and you may have just the viral content you need to ramp up your social media presence.

The DNetWorks Team