Review: The Ultimate iPhone 4S Accessory Pack – White

Mobile Fun has come up with the most unique and wonderful Accessory Pack which contains an all in one suite for all your iPhone 4S accessory needs.

The ultimate iPhone 4S accessory pack contains must have items for your iPhone 4S. Designed to protect and store your iPhone 4S / 4 at home, in the office and in the car.

What does the The Ultimate iPhone 4S Accessory Pack – White contain?

The Ultimate iPhone 4S Accessory Pack contain 6 must have accessories for the iPhone 4S / 4 including:

  • iPhone 4S / 4 Desk Stand
  • iPhone 4S / 4 Car Holder
  • FlexiShield Skin for iPhone 4S / 4
  • Mini Portable Desk Stand
  • iPhone 4S / 4 Car Charger
  • MFX Screen Protector

How do each accessory Fare?

iPhone 4S / 4 Mini Desk Stand

The portable desk stand is a very small gadget easy to carry around where ever you go, it has a Suction cup which attaches to the back of your iPhone or any other phone and supports it to stand at a comfortable viewing angle either in portrait or landscape viewing modes. It is easy to carry in  your suitcase, bag or even your pocket.

We tried the mini desk stand with the flexishield back guard and it works perfectly, with or without it.

iPhone 4S / 4 Desk Holder

The aluminium Desk holder add another dimension to your desk with your iDevices,  It comes with a solid metal stand which holds the holder in place without fear of the holder falling over and damaging your iPhone 4S / 4.

It looks in sync with your Aluminium Macbook Pro or even an iMac, the holder has a special adhesive which holds your iPhone 4S / 4 to it without leaving any sticky residue behind it, you can keep the phone either in the landscape or portrait mode, a medium pressure exerted, you can easily browse the internet and even Facetime.

The only problem is that if the dust settles on it, it loses the adhesiveness, but it is easily cleanable with a soft cloth to get the stickiness back.

Flexiskin Skin for iPhone 4S / 4

The protective skin for you iPhone 4S / 4 is one of the best ones in terms of light protection, it wraps around you phone and doesn’t add much of the bulk, all the ports are accessible with the skin on, meaning, you don’t need to remove it to charge or when you’re listening to music and need to insert the Headphones. The FlexiShield skin is a stylish protective skin for your iPhone 4S / 4. In a solid black colour, the skin wraps around your phone without adding any additional weight or bulk to your handset but still allowing you complete access to all of the ports and features. Its flexible design means it can be applied and removed from your iPhone 4S / 4 in seconds but with cut outs to use the camera and the charging ports, the case allows you complete access to the iPhone 4S / 4 without having to remove it.

The unique gel material used allows you to use your phone with the desk stand and the portable desk stand without having to remove the phone from the case.

iPhone 4S / 4 car holder

The car holder allows you to place your iPhone 4S / 4 in either portrait or landscape mode, You can stick the car holder either on the dashboard or the windshield.

The phone won’t slip out of the holder even with the most rough terrain, also has soft pads which gently cushion your phone, you can quickly switch from portrait to landscape with the rotating bracket in a matter of seconds, with the adjustable option, you can place any phone to it, of course larger than the iPhone.

iPhone 4S / 4 car charger

Once of the most required item in the accessory list, the iPhone 4S / 4 Charger in the pack does exactly what it is made to do, charge your phones in the car. With a built in cut off, the car charger can detect when your iPhone 4S / 4’s battery is fully charged and it will automatically cut off to ensure that no damage is caused to your iPhone 4S / 4

The cable is long enough so you can use the charger in sync with your car holder.

MFX Screen Protector

Screen protection is an utmost priority for iPhone users, rather, any phone user, scratches are always a problem, MFX Screen protector is an ultimate item to provide protection, while being invisible for a casual view. The quality of the screen DOESN’T deteriorate so you can enjoy sharp images on your retina iPhones.

All in all a great accessories pack for the iPhone 4S / 4 and is a great value for money, for around £20 you get a in-car charger, in-car holder, 2 desktop holders and a pack of screen covers

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The DNetWorks Team