Surface Blades specialized keyboards for tablets

On September, 23rd, Microsoft presented new models of its Surface tablets and also announced next generation Surface 2.

Frankly speaking, the announcement of a new generation of tablets is not something very fascinating. But Microsoft managed to surprise users with another new product the company plans to release specialized keyboards for its tablets. The keyboards were named as Blades.


The same as regular keyboards, new Blades have additional function of screen protection when transporting a tablet. The idea of a specialized keyword is not new and Microsoft can hardly be called a pioneer in this area. There have been examples of creating such keyboards for different purposes (from gaming to design).

But still I think that Blades have some future as they can be used for commercial purposes. Here’re the possible examples of such use.

Commercial solutions

Both Blades and regular Surface keyboards are water-resistant, resistant to aggressive substances. Thus, they can be used as built-in tablets on factories with specific or hard working conditions.


Shops often use special scales with icons that have the image of products that can be weighed. Instead, a modified Surface tablet with Blade keyboard can be used. Such a device can offer more complicated interaction scenarios to users. What is more, it will be easier to change the range of products for this device.


Computers play a big role in modern medicine. Most often desktop computers are used as controllers for medical equipment. But in fact, they can easily be replaced with tablets. This will allow introducing a more targeted interaction between a doctor and a device, which, in its turn, will increase working efficiency.

Restaurant business

I think it’ll be much easier and quicker for waitresses to use such tablets with specialized keyboards, as they will be able to receive orders with a couple of touches instead of writing down everything. Also, a check can be easily printed after that directly from the tablet. Such practice has already been introduced in some fast-food restaurants, where there’re time limits for taking orders from clients. But other types of restaurants can also benefit from this practice.
These are the first ideas of Blades keyboards application I have thought of. But I’m sure that there’s more, both with tablets and without them. And it’s up to Microsoft to make sure that the project will be successful.

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