Amazing Notebooks for Professional in India: Which One is the Best?

Choosing a good laptop for business isn’t an easy job. There are a wide range of hardware options available and picking high end hardware doesn’t always mean that your job will be done easily. We have seen a lot of changes in laptops in past year or two. They have shed weight and gone slimmer and we came to know them as ultrabooks.

New operating systems came in which led to the introduction of touchscreens on mainstream laptops to make good use of the new interface.

To find a good business laptop, you need to figure out your needs well. If you spend lot of time outdoors, you should pick an ultrabook which would give you good battery life and would be easier to carry. You might need to spend a good amount if you need high end hardware but if your usage is pretty basic, you needn’t spend much and go for mid-range hardware instead. If you deal with a lot of graphics and media, you should get a laptop with powerful hardware, dedicated graphics and a really good display.

There are a lot of laptops in India with high definition displays to assist you with your job. If your laptop is used mostly on your office desk, you might go for something with a large display as weight won’t be an issue.

We browsed through a good number of options available and serve here some laptops that you might like. We have tried to take care of different kinds of users so the hardware and features might vary a lot. Hope you find the one that can be a good office companion for you.

MacBook Pro


We absolutely love this machine. If you are in something that involves handling a lot of graphics and designing then you would share the feeling. It has got the best screen we have ever seen.

The 15.4 inch display has a resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels giving you a pixel density of 220 ppi, and on a display this big, it is just superb. The hardware running under that pretty body is quite good. It runs an i7 processor with 16 GB DDR3 RAM and NVidia GeForce GT650M to handle the graphics. You get 512 GB of flash storage which is lightning fast. For professionals, they have included Thunderbold and DVI output and you can connect upto four extra monitors.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

This laptop is a great buy for you if you spend long hours outdoors and need a small powerful laptop. It comes with a high resolution 14 inch display which is a 10 finger multitouch panel. The best part is that it has got anti-glare coating so you get absolutely no annoying reflections at all.

The laptop is very durable as the chassis is made out of carbon fiber. You can get this laptop with either an i5 or i7 with up to 8 GB RAM and 180 GB SSD. Though you don’t get any dedicated graphics on this laptop. There is another feature of this laptop that you will love if you travel a lot. It has got Rapid Charge technology which will allow you to charge the laptop battery from dead in just 45 minutes and it will give you a good backup of around seven hours.

Acer Aspire S7

Acer Aspire S7

This is another sleek laptop you can go for. It is a great looking machine and the dimensions make it very easy to handle. The chassis is done in white gorilla glass 2 which gives it a premium feel. The build quality is good and it has got a large Trackpad and a comfortable keyboard. It has got a full HD display which measures 13.3 inches. It is powered by an Intel i5 processor and has got 4 GB of RAM.

Due to the size, they have skipped on a few connectivity options like the Ethernet port. Though the hardware is not very high end, it is quite portable and they claim a battery life of 12 hours. So even at worst, you should get at least 7-8 hours of usage with ease. This laptop is a good buy if your usage isn’t very heavy and you need a good looking portable laptop with great battery life.

Asus VivoBook S400C


While the laptops we mentioned earlier were quite focused and were priced very steep, this one is a good all round performer available at a lower price. It gives you a good balance of performance, practicality and value for money. It has got a 14.1 inch 1366 x 768 capacitive touch display and is powered by an Intel i3 processor.

It gets 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB of HDD. It gets most of the connectivity ports you might need including USB, Ethernet, VGA and HDMI while still keeping the thickness down. The body and lid is done in brushed aluminum which works in favor of looks. The keyboard and touchpad are comfortable and you get a reasonable battery life of over 3 hours. This makes a great buy if you don’t need very high end hardware and you aren’t willing to spend a big amount on your laptop.

So here you saw some laptops with varying hardware and targeted users. Once you figure out the jobs your laptop will be handling, you can easily choose a laptop that will suit you well. When you pick your laptop, don’t just go for what it is on paper. Try the device out to see if you are comfortable with it.

There might be some laptops with slightly different keyboards than your previous one and it might trouble you for a while. Also check for the warranty and support you will be getting from the manufacturer.

Global onsite warranty is a good option. Go for extended warranty packages and accidental insurance if they are offered at a good price.

The DNetWorks Team