Top 5 types of Gadget being recycled in 2013

The evolution in the trend of recycling is seeking attention of the masses across the world. In the year 2013, it has enhanced many folds with better reasoning and cause of recycling old gadgets and only added value to the eco-system. Goes without saying If there are large quantities of unused and unattended gadgets from each house hold, it’s one of the biggest threats to the environment and there are many Techwaste Recycling Companies that are keen in reducing e-waste such as Coastal Waste Management. The main priority of these companies is to get a large number of wastes from various places and recycle them instead of dumping them in pits which can only harm the environment.

For instance in the UK alone there are around 12 million games, 5.5 million portables, cameras of 11 million and many more left unused and uncared. All of the above details are quite disquieting and surely not good news for the environment. There are infinite ways of sorting the old sets out. Some options include eBay, free ad sites, charity. Recycle and reuse, re-sell et-all.


The Top 5 gadgets doing the rounds and being recycled in the year 2013 are accounted below

Phones (Mobile handsets)

Every individual is aware that in exchange of their old handset, they can get a reasonable amount of money. Whenever any handset gets launched in the market, users jump into the bandwagon of new device experience and reject their existing phones without much ado.

There are many websites and portals such as Pacebutler through which users can check the amount their old phones can bring home once disposed off by selling or recycling. Click here to visit its website and also read Pacebutler corporation reviews to know more about this organization. The websites also ensure that if the device is in non-working state, they should be sent for recycling and if possible re-use and not add to the carbon soak-pits of the universe.


The iPods although are traded at a lower scale from various websites, marking only 8.47 % of all recycled devices. Owing to the entry of the iPhone 5 in market, which powers almost all the facilities available on iPods. So quite obviously users choose the iPhone over the iPod. Which results in another device replacement in the form of iPods. Although in low scale even iPods are recycled through various websites and recycling centers.


Since its launch, it has been loved by the users to a great extent. It marked its entry around 3 years back. Since then there has been around 4 version upgrades. The most popular being the iPad mini. Various sources inform that there are around 4.27% of such gadgets which are being traded across and it seems to be increasing on a monthly basis.

Kindle/ Tablets

It is one of the known competitors of the Ipad. In the recent times you can also get a handsome exchange or resell value for your Tablets/ Kindle, in case you are looking to upgrade. They are making up around 1.22% of all the gadgets which are being traded.But it also implies that it doesn’t beat the popularity of the most fashionable device, the IPad. Still you don’t have to worry as you can really get a suitable price for your kindle or simply recycle it to save mother earth.

Gaming consoles, Jukeboxes, Joysticks

Most of the users are skeptical about recycling this gadget. That is why the most important task of the recycling agents are to make people aware that these devices can also be recycled or resold for a decent amount of money. They currently constitute only 0.29% of all recycled devices.

This completes the list. However, there are many gadgets or micro-devices like calculators, remote controls etc. which are also recyclable. All you need to know is How and Where to recycle!

The DNetWorks Team