Now HTC One Catches Fire, What’s wrong with these Smartphones

We recently reported how a Galaxy S4 burnt an entire house down and within few days there is another Android based device reportedly caught fire, this time it’s the powerhouse itself, the HTC One.

The news is from Taiwan, aw the phone combusting and melting the case while it was on charge, luckily the owner was not hurt this time.


Makes us wonder what is wrong with these Smartphone these days, we are not saying that it’s the Androids that are making news for the wrong reason, In a separate incident last month, a Chinese bride-to-be was killed after being electrocuted by her iPhone. It is alleged the she was using the phone while charging.

Mostly, the reason for these kind of incidents are due to faulty, poorly built chargers.

Last week, it was announced that the iPhone maker had expanded its charger take back programme to the UK and several other countries in an attempt to combat the problem and use the issue to their benefits, great marketing PR by Apple there.

The DNetWorks Team