Bare essential Low Price Protection for your beloved Galaxy Nexuses

Galaxy Nexus is a sturdy phone? Well, our suggestion is to NEVER EVER use a smartphone without a Case and a scratch guard, no matter what the company says.

Screen crack on a GNex would cost around $200 to repairs, body would cost another 90 odd dollars. You can save that amount if you want, by pro-actively getting your phone covered with a scratch guard and a case for as low as £23 or $35 which the great quality protection.

Here is our recommendation:

1. MartinFields Scratch Guard

2.FlexiShield Skin For Samsung Galaxy Nexus – White

Lets go ahead and tell you more about each

Martin Fields Scratch Guard


  • The UV filters reduce the strain on your eyes by blocking 99% of ultraviolet rays radiated from LCD screens.
  • Protects the LCD screen from premature degradation as a result of strong sunlight.
  • High scratch resistance.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Removable, durable, reusable and washable.
  • Scratch resistant – Protects your screen a treat
  • Offers exceptional clarity
  • UV Filters reduce the strain on your eyes
  • Easy to apply, washable and reusable

Our Opinion:

Martin Fields is one of the best scratch guards we’ve applied to our Smartphones, it makes the screen colors Vivid, minimizes the risks of scratches and doesn’t have a problem even with the Stylus. It is washable and becomes almost invisible after you apply it, the UV filters have actually reduces the strain on the eyes.


FlexiShield Skin For Samsung Galaxy Nexus – White


  • Made to measure for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Fits the phone perfectly to add better protection
  • Strong, durable material – Protects your phone from bumps and gives a non-slip coating
  • Cut outs for all the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’s features – Use your phone without removing it from the case
  • Slim fitting design adds no extra bulk – Fits perfectly in your pocket

Our Opinion:

If you think this is going to mess up your pocket while removing the phone, that’s not going to happen, this gives a feel of a hard case but it is actually made with Silicone gel. The grip is exceptional, the cutout are perfectly placed so there are no troubles accessing your Power button or Charging/Volume Ports. It is a bit difficult to operate the volume buttons.

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The DNetWorks Team