Review: Adidas/Griffin miCoach Sport Armband for the iPhone 4/4S

A person like me always wants his Technology with him, be it sleeping or Working or Running, while Nike+ Fuelband does an exceptional job to track your calories, steps etc for the day, A specialist App would be great and that’s where Adidas miCoach comes in to picture.

To go along with the App, I needed a Armband while running and other activities and just figured out the perfect one when I found the Griffin/Adidas miCoach Sport Armband for the iPhone 4/4S. The Armband is slim and comfortable and hold your iPhone securely and it is made up of Neoprene, so you can use it even with the heaviest workout.

Co-developed by German sportswear Adidas and Griffin Technology, the miCoach Sport Armband is a nylon armband with a touch-through screen cover, a pocket for keys or other small items, and an adjustable band. This is an awesome gift for people who love awesome paddle board products. A Velcro closure provides a little flexibility in the tightness of the band around the arm, while a flap on the top keeps water from leaking into the headphone port cutout.

First Look and What’s in the Box: Adidas/Griffin miCoach Sport Armband for the iPhone 4/4S

There is No Griffin Co-branding on the box at all, it’s all Adidas and micoach, with a see through cover, where you first see your Armband.


The back of the box has detail about the where you can download the app for your iPhone and also has Instructions and details about the Armband Review-Adidas-Griffin-miCoach-Sport-Armband-for-iPhone-4-4S-12

Once you open it, you feel the Nylon of the Armband for the first time, trust me, it is very sturdy and stable.

You see the ‘mi’ logo and the Adidas logo on the front (flap).

The Griffin branding is at the back on the tip of the strap

Review-Adidas-Griffin-miCoach-Sport-Armband-for-iPhone-4-4S-9 Review-Adidas-Griffin-miCoach-Sport-Armband-for-iPhone-4-4S-10

I don’t even know why the warranty policy is for Australia when the shipment clearly came in from Mobile Fun, UK.


Usage: Adidas/Griffin miCoach Sport Armband for the iPhone 4/4S

The Armband non-skid fabric on the interior of the armband doesn’t scratch or irritate and, most importantly, doesn’t slide once you get into the hot and heavy of your workout.


Using the iPhone even with the screen protector of the Armband is easy and there are little cutouts to connect your earphones and the miCoach hardware if you have one.


The Velcro band fits easily around your arm and “clasps” securely. The little key slot is a nice addition for when you’re working out and don’t like to keep anything in your pockets, like the Gym Locker key.


The Flap on top covers up the iPhone’s status bar. We think, it’s needless, only thing it does is that it display Adidas’ brand name, push it back and you will know, you’d be better off without that flap.


It read on the Armband box that it “works with Adidas miCoach mobile app” However, that there’s no functionality within the armband that would require this armband be used over any other with the app. Unless, of course, you just desperately need to have “Adidas” written all over the armband to feel at one with the app.

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We will give it a 3.5/5

The DNetWorks Team