Facebook for iOS gets Twitter for iOSish bottom menu

Yes, it did happen this morning when I was browsing Facebook and all of a sudden what is see is this


What is the next thing you do? Take a screenshot and put it up on Social Networking sites right? That’s what I did and guess what reactions of people on my friend list were?

They haven’t got a similar menu on their App.

What do I do next?

Head over to the iOS App Store and check for the latest update of the Facebook App and it’s 18th March 2013 and there has been no update last night or today morning.  I have no clue how did this appear on my Facebook iOS app.

Any case, I did like it when I saw it first but then, there were implication, you can’t use the Facebook App with one hand, When you try to type a Message, one or the other menu gets touched and the page changes, pretty annoying if you ask me.

The More button open the left menu, that usually could be opened by swiping your finger from left to right.

News Feed opens well your News Feed, Messages open Messages, Dhawal Damania (my profile) open up the profile page.

Have you got this update? or Am I the only one in this world who has received it?

The DNetWorks Team

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