How to Unlock/Jailbreak your Windows Phone 7.5

There may be many reasons as to why you want to jailbreak your Window Phone 7.5 device. The main reasons are users are not comfortable with the look of interface or limited choice of. Windows Phone 7.5 is a relatively new OS compared with Android or Apples iOS, and has fewer apps developed for it. By jailbreaking the OS, you will be able to install many apps.

Understanding the Differences between Jailbreak and Unlock

There is a subtle difference when it comes to choosing between jailbreaks and unlock, though both are sometimes used to mean the same. Jailbreaking means controlling what software you can install on your device whereas unlock actually means making a choice between different carriers. To make things easier for mobile users, some developers have even come up with special apps for that purpose, though the legality behind it is questionable.

Jailbreaks can be done at different levels, and most will want to do it for making a tweak here and there. Then again, a single procedure may not help jailbreak all makes, even though they may be running the same instance of Windows Phone 7.5. Jailbreak procedures vary for different makes of mobile phones.


Technical Expertise Helps

You need to be a little tech-savvy to jailbreak. If you are not, then don’t try, chances are that sometimes, in the event of a failure, restoring your device to its original settings may become impossible (although that is rare). An easier way to jailbreak is using apps. There was one specifically made for Windows Phone, but as of now it’s not available.

You will Have to Wait a Little Longer

ChevronWP7 is a nice place to unlock/jailbreak the device, but for some undisclosed reason, the website is holding back its service. But the services will be opened sometime when they manage to untangle the problem they are encountering. ChevronWP7 is also refunding the fee they have collected for providing unlock/jailbreak service.

ChevronWP7 is the brain child project of Rafael Rivera, Long Zheng and Chris Walsh. They were the first to unlock the phone.

According to some people the Labs project was aimed at providing hobbyist and developers to install, debug and run unlock/jailbreak Windows Phone 7.5 as a trial.

Regular users may have to find out the legality of pursuing such a course of action. First of all, any tool that is developed for the purpose of unlocking/Jailbreaking, Microsoft should provide consent.

When Microsoft finally does it, it will be possible to jailbreak the software and provide phone users a means to install apps to their liking which may or may not have been approved by the company.

The system when it is finally approved will work on the following lines. First of all you will need a Windows Live ID. The next thing you will have to do is buy an “unlock token” (please not this token is not available as of now, and those who have bought are even advised to apply for refund). If you find that is not compatible for you then you must not take this route.

Purchasing the token immediately does not mean service is guaranteed instantly. You may have to wait for an indefinite period. Actually your phone will be in the waiting list for ultimately unlocking/Jailbreaking your mobile phone. As of writing, the website was making some major changes and it will notify customers when the services will be restored.

To know the exact time when the phone will be unlocked you will have wait for more days and check Chevron’s site.

Not all devices can be unlocked/jailbreak

Different devices will require different jailbreak techniques. That means if your mobile is LG, then a jailbreak technique designed for Samsung or HTC will not work to your satisfaction. At best you can use some other technique to add couple apps not designed for Windows Phone 7.5 to work. It will all depend on the way the app has been developed. As a general rule it is best to choose a similar kind of app which can be used on Windows Phone 7.5. If that is not acceptable then it is better that you wait until something shows up in the meanwhile.

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