Foursquare offering a $20 instant verifications for Indian Businesses

We reported about Foursquare offering instant verification a few months ago for $10, but that was US only, now Foursquare has rolled out an update where you could claim and verify your business for $20 worldwide.


So, we wanted to verify and manage our new T-shirt Printing venture, Troll Tees and we created a venue for it on Foursquare, the time when we tried to claim/verify it, we were anticipating Foursquare to send across a Snail mail with the verification code as they did for all business who wanted to claim their venue outside the United States.

But here is what we see, An option to instantly claim and Verify Troll Tees’ Venue for $20 flat fee charged to our credit card, we went ahead and took that option just to test it and it went smoothly, we were able to manage the venue instantly with the insights and other metrics Foursquare has to offer the Merchants.

Have a venue on Foursquare? Having difficulty in Claiming/Verifying it? Get in touch.

The DNetWorks Team