Samsung Galaxy S3 explodes in Germany in a Car

Samsung’s latest and the greatest Android phone has exploded in Dublin Germany while it was mounted on a Windshield.




Galaxy S3 that was just launched a few weeks back with a lot of enthusiasm by Samsung and which is the fastest selling smartphone, to even outrun iPhones is in the news again, this time for wrong reasons. According to reports, a user had mounted the phone on his car’s windshield and heating system in the car rose the Smartphones temperature and caused the explosion, but it can be ruled out as Germany is one of the countries with relatively cold temperate, says Reuters.

“There is no confirmation that it was the phones fault, it must have caused by a combination of my car mount and my car’s heating system,” says the consumer

So if heating is a problem, that it is alarming for a lot of countries in and a round the equator where generally the phone heats a lot, including countries like, India and almost all the middle-eastern countries, US weather is relatively hot too.

Popular brands like Nokia has been facing similar problem in these countries, a lot of incidents where reported where the battery of the phone exploded.

If this is due to the internal temperature rise, this is an extreme bad news for Samsung Mobile.

[highlight color=”green”] UPDATE 1: Here is an Official Statements on this issue by Samsung, they say, it’s Fake and due to An external energy source was the cause for the GALAXY SIII that appeared to have heat-related damage [/highlight]

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