Google introduces Nexus 7 Tablet, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Nexus Q at I/O 2012

As rumored the Galaxy Tablet is out previously, Google Play was thought to be the tablet from Google by then it turned out to the second coming of the Android Market with Video, Music integration.

But this time at Google I/O 2012, The Search giant have finally unveiled the Asus branded the tablet and named it Nexus 7, yes, it’s under the Nexus Flagship and price starts $199.



Below are the features of Nexus 7

  • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system
  • 7-inch, 1280×800-resolution touchscreen
  • Quad-core Tegra 3 chipset with a 12-core graphics processor
  • 8GB of storage (16GB version available for $249)
  • Front-facing camera
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC
  • Nine hours of HD video playback
  • Weighs 0.75 pounds

Google has quoted that Nexus 7 Tablets are “optimized for Google Play”, which means it is geared towards consumption of music, movies, games, books, magazines and more.

If you haven’t guess it until now, this is a direct attack not to the iPad, but to the Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire. The feature Google is providing at this price tag is lucrative and also might crush the competition (Amazon, Barnes and Noble’s Nook).

Nexus 7 Tablet will be available in mid-July, however, you can pre-order it via the Play Store.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Google showed off some features of its next-generation Android operating system, such as:

  • Intelligently-resizing home screen widgets that play nicely with home screen icons
  • Offline voice typing no need to have a data connection anymore
  • Actionable notifications that expand and collapse with two-finger gestures
  • Siri-like natural voice search with spoken answers
  • Google Now, which uses your search history, calendar and location to figure out what you might need. It’ll show you nearby public transit, stores and how long it’ll take you to get to the location of the next appointment in your calendar, for example.

Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) will be rolling out to Galaxy Nexus devices and Motorola’s Xoom tablet in mid-July. You can read more about the new platform here.

Nexus Q

Google also rolled out the Nexus Q, a $300 orb-shaped “social streaming media player” measuring 4.6 inches in diameter. It can be hooked up to your TV to stream YouTube videos as well as music, movies and TV shows from the Google Play store all of which is controlled from your phone or tablet and your friends’ phones and tablets (hence the “social” part). It also features a built-in 25-watt amp for directly powering a pair of speakers, should you want to use it solely for music. Something similar to the Apple TV? Yes, Google is aggressively attacking all the companies with their new launches at the Annual Developers conference by Google, called the Google I/O 2012, Oh and they even gave an approximate launch date for the Google Goggles, Project Glass, but that’s another story!

The DNetWorks Team