Let’s Pizza: From Water and Flour to Pizza in 3 minutes, Pizza vending Machine

What’s your favourite topping on a Pizza a pepperoni? This machine makes a pizza from dough and water (of course, toppings too) disperses it in 3 minutes flat.

This pizza vending machine is by Smart4retail, which have already taken of in the USA, oh and let me tell you it’s not a frozen pizza being heated and given to you, the machine is ACTUALLY making authentic Italian Pizza from the scratchP for you on the spot, in 3 minutes flat, complete with the pizza cutter and paper tissues. The Machines, created by Italian Claudio Torghel, were first made  in Europe around 3 three years ago and they have been working their way West, ever since.

For under $6, the vending machine spawns out a 10.5 inch steaming hot pizza pie with a choice of plain, pepperoni, ham or bacon, with or without tomato. The dough is actually made fresh from flour and water, and each pizza is assembled per order. Special infrared ovens allow for quick, crisp pizza quickly.

These state of the art Pizza Vending machine are well connected to the internet and can make 200 pizzas on a full refill.

Check it out it is amazing

See how your Pizza is made in 3 minutes Flat

The DNetWorks Team