iPhone 5 Scam: How it Works, How to Avoid It

When a popular brand’s product is most anticipated in the market, the same product’s forged duplicates and the associated applications are expected in the free market simultaneously. When such piracy scams are so common, only the iPhone has escaped such forgeries till date. But it is skeptical that iphone5 might join in league with this scamming foolery.

So what does the iPhone Scam deal with?

A lot of rumors and speculations are buzzed regarding this iPhone sting. It goes this way.

1. The first and foremost method is that a text message will be sent from an unknown number with a nearby area code (for instance, if someone resides in New York city, the area code will be 718) to the stating that, “Apple is in hunt for iPhone5 testers and the first 1000 users who register themselves in http://iphone5tests.com by entering the code 7777, will be given the privilege to test and own the new iphone5 for themselves.

2. The instant the users log onto the above specified website, the user will be intimated to use the four digit code (7777). People with a faint will power are easily influenced with the line, “The destiny has brought you here to make you the luxurious owners of iPhone5 by testing it and owning it”.

3. The moment the code is used for registration, a page appears and asks for the user’s email address. A survey is conducted succeeding a shipping enquiry. After all these formalities to make us believe in this trap, ads for car indemnity and online “Masters Programme” display on the screen.

4. This fraudulent method to trick people is associated with the web ProductGiftRewards.com. This attractive proposal gives the people, a thought of owning the most sophisticated iphone for free of cost. But in reality, the people are stacked with piles of spam and marketing brochures.

5. To confidently make sure about this forgery, one can access Google search engine and can type “Product Gift Rewards iPhone5 forgery” and will come across comments by public around the globe stating about the falsified offers related to the above mentioned and other deceptive websites.

Ways to refrain from being scammed

Hence to escape from being a victim of such websites or scamming, avoid entering your personal details and to strange and anonymous websites. In November, the Better Business Bureau informed about the increase of these texting scams. Below are the easiest ways to stay away from false ventures like this.

Avoid reciprocating: Reverting back to texts from anonymous numbers is very dangerous as the sender of the text uses this response to confirm that the number is in use.

Have enquiries with the bank instantly: Just to ensure safety of your bank deposits and savings, contact the bank’s officials to know the current status of your account.

Stay away from mysterious links: Avoid clicking on the webpage links sent by any unidentified person.

Restrict the access to unfamiliar numbers: Once you receive a text from an anonymous sender, immediately contact the customer care or network supplier of yours and kindly obstruct that particular sender’s number.

Do not save any personal data in your phone. Prevent the habit of storing vital details like credit card number, bank account number etc. in your phone as it might lead to unwanted irreparable damages.

Therefore, as long as there is a new invention, there will be people to make use of the brand’s nametag and trap people into unwanted activities with attractive and tempting offers. It is our basic responsibility to stay away and be secured from these cheap yet matchless illusions and safeguard ourselves for which the above information would be an eye opener.


The DNetWorks Team