Buy an Online Girlfriend for as low as $5

Forever alone guys have a reason to celebrate, you can now have an online girlfriend for as low as $5 who would send you love messages, be your girlfriend on Facebook, post lovey dovey things on your Facebook wall, text you and more.

There are a few gigs on Fiverr but now, there is a site dedicated to it, Girlfriendhire, has something that makes human relationship obsolete.

Some of the Gigs Include

Some gigs take it to a new level

Here you are not actually paying for romance, but say, to make someone jealous or to show off the stud you are.

So, we went ahead and brought a Gig, “a text thanking you for one great night of passion for $5” and we received this text

“Wow, the other night was amazing. I never even imagined that i could have so many orgasms in a row. I really cant stop thinking about you and id love to see you again as sooooooon as you can”

and that is the most realistic thing someone would generally tell me 😉

People are getting disposable, relationships are getting disposable, are we moving on the right track? the world with practical principles and no emotions.

What do you think?

The DNetWorks Team