CallTrack Android App: Log you calls details to Google Calendar

There are a lot of apps in the Google Play Store that take a backup up of your SMSes, Contact, etc, and store then on either their server or send across the file to Gmail, these are very handy when you wish to restore them, all you got to do is open the App and hit the restore button.

CallTrack is a little different from these, CallTrack syncs your incoming, outgoing and missed called log with Google Calendar, you can view them on your computer/phone/tablet by visiting Google Docs.

The CallTrack app records and logs your phone activity and stores them to your Google Account. Every Android phone has its own default phone log that records the phone’s activity. But, the CallTrack app sorts your call logs and displays them on your Google Calendar.

Once you launch the app it shows you the preferences, where you need to enable CallTrack and select the types of call log(incoming, outgoing, or missed calls) you wish to sync with your Google Calendar. The duration of the call is also logged.


You can manually initiate the syncing process by pressing the Menu button while at the CallTrack Preferences menu. You can use the ICS optimized Google Docs app to view the logged data, even when you are offline.

This is one real useful application for call logging purpose. Try it out it’s Free, here is the link

The DNetWorks Team