Siri loses cool tells a UK boy, “Shut the F&^k up, you ugly T*at”

Charlie Le Quesne and his mom were shopping at Tesco in Coventry, England, he picked up an iPhone 4S on display and asked Siri, “How many people are there in the world?”

The 12-year-old, expecting the automated assistant to give him a number, got a real shocker when Siri answered, “Shut the f&^k up, you ugly t*at.” Yes, Siri swore at the child (allegedly). Charlie’s mother, Kim, couldn’t believe her ears, so they asked the same question, thinking it must have been an error. Siri again ranted the same thing.

“It’s verbal abuse. We can’t believe the filth it came out with. He showed my husband what the phone had said to him and my husband found the store manager and said ‘it shouldn’t be saying that’.”

Apple iPhone’s representatives at Tesco in Coventry told Kim some of the pranksters had tampered with the phone’s set-up instructions, according to The Sun.

Tesco spoke on the incident: “We have launched an investigation. The handset will be going back to Apple for diagnostic tests.”

This is not the first time, such incident has happened, in the past Siri has been accused of being Pro-Abortion and Anti-Abortion along with it being sexist.

In November last year, it was reported that Siri faced some difficulties when understanding non-English accents, leading some to wonder if Siri was racist as well. Siri has also been accused of being sexist:

Writer Amanda Marcotte wrote in a post for Forbes that the iPhone assistant “behaves much like a retrograde male fantasy of the ever-compliant secretary: discreet, understanding, willing to roll with any demand a man might come up with, teasingly accepting of dirty jokes. Oh yeah, and mainly indifferent to the needs of women.”

Here are some shocking responses by Siri









There has been a website setup for it called sh*tsirisays dedicated to the most amazing Siri’s answers to straight-forward questions

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