Use QR (Quick Response) Codes to share and join a Wi-Fi Network on Android

QR codes have been an exceptional hit and its abilities are very very helpful there is no doubt about it, in our day to day life we see QR codes being used at a lot of places, be it sharing a URL or having a Business Card information, QR codes are the next big thing.

Let’s get on with how to go about sharing the Wi-Fi SSID and Password without the hassle of remembering the huge unfriendly, machine code of a password and other details.

What you need 

1. Barcode Scanner App, you will find this in the Android Market to be downloaded for Free

2. Internet connection to create QR. 
a. Go to QrZilla and click on the Wifi button on the Top menu.
b. Fill in the details about the Wireless routers SSID and Password and the type of Network it is, additionally it also allows you to choose the size of the QR you require and some other options
c. Hit the Generate Button



d. Save the QR code on your computer and Print it


3. What next?
Fire up the Barcode Scanner App and point it towards the QR code and Magically it will connect you the the Wi-Fi if you are in the Range, EPICNESS if you ask you

There are Apps like Wi-Fi Joiner and a few other ones on the Android market, but they require the same app to be on all the Android phone if you wish to use the QR generated by them


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