Android Market getting stuck on Page load, here is how you can solve it

Some of the users may come across this peculiar problem of the Market App on Android phone getting indefinitely stuck on the loading Page. You may not be able to access the Application or install any.

Rebooting the phone sometimes resolves the problem by when it doesn’t here are the steps to get Android Market working again and fixing the indefinite ‘Page Loading’ error


1. Fire up a browser on a laptop or PC or a Mac :P, and hit up the Android Market‘s web page.

2. Log-in using the same Google account you use on your phone, then search for the app you want, hit the Install button.

3. You then get the option of which Android device you want to send the app to.
Select the phone where the market is Stuck on page load, then click the install button.

Voila! Your phone/tablet should start downloading the app in a few moments.


If the issue persist, there might be a problem with the App itself and you might have to reset the device or get upgrade the software version


The DNetWorks Team



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