Macbook Pro sound doesn’t work via internal speaker, red Light coming from the headphone jack, Sound Icon Greyed out, How to solve

I finally recovered from an error most of you guys might be facing with the Macbook, the sound won’t come via the internal Macbook Pro/Air speakers but when you connect the headphone to the headphone jack, when you do not connect the head phone, the Speaker icon in the preference pane and on the Top menu is greyed. When you use the hardware keys on the keyboard you might see something like this.


What I tried to do first was: Google search, and found a lot of people faced the same problem what next? I devised my solutions based on the results I got


Basically the red light is one, because there is some intrusion OR some software corruptions on audio devices

There are several ways to solve this problem. At first, study clean my mac x review as to monitor your system and remove unneeded files.

1. Software

  • Repair permissions: Applications> Utilities folder> Disk Utility> First Aid tab, select your hard drive and click on “Repair Permissions”.
  • Laying the preferences of sound: put in the trash file located in your home folder (little house)> Library> Preferences.

2. DIY Hardware

Before going ahead with this please note, I hold no responsible for Any damage that this solution or anything written on in this article may cause to you or your system, when you do this, this particular solutions should be used as a last resort and when you laptop is out of warranty and don’t want to spend a bomb on the repairs. If you are one of those who blame everyone for their problems GO AWAY 😉


So, here goes the EVIL trick that can be used to get sound back on your Macbook Pro with the right light issue for FREE, you need a Pin, Yes a PIN or a paperclip.

1. Bend it like this

2. Make sure your music is playing, you get an instant feedback 😉

3. Insert the pin in the headphones Jack and move from 9 0 clock position to 10 o clock position clock-wise, try getting it pass the LED that is glowing don’t push it too further or with a lot of pressure, you can you more than 1 pin in 3 0 clock, 6 o clock an 9 o clock directions moving clock-wise, that is, if the single pin doesn’t seem to help

4. You should be hearing the sound, if not, there is no way you can fix it. Take it to the service center

Beware, I am a Geek and I keep messing around with my gadgets, if you think you are not capable of doing this, DO NOT DO IT


Dhawal D

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