Steve Jobs Caught On Camera Rehearsing iPhone 5 Keynote Speech?

Surprised, well, we found a video lingering around YouTube of what look like Steve Jobs rehearsing the iPhone 5 Keynote Speech. In the very next few hours, Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5 to the world via a special media event on its Cupertino campus. The invite just states “Let’s Talk iPhone”, leaving out any further details.

If the rumors are to be believed, Apple has picked its own Cupertino HQ as the location for the unveiling as it will be Tim Cook’s first time and doing it on his own turf will allow for the new CEO to rehearse better for it.

So you can see how we are surprised that a leaked video has surfaced on YouTube which purportedly shows Apple’s ex-CEO Steve Jobs rehearsing for the iPhone 5 keynote.

We’re not going to say this is fake nor are we going to admit that it is genuine.


Here is the video

The DNetWorks Team