A picture speaks a thousand words; convert your Resume to an beautiful Infograph with vizualize

If you are looking for a job in a competitive market, the first thing you want is to have your resume stand out so at least it gets noticed by the recruiter. What can be better than creating it as an Infographic!

infograph dhawal damania


Your resume in the form of Infographic is nothing new but it may take a lot of effort to design it. But no worries, if you are not a multimedia designer LinkedIn and Vizualize.me has come to your rescue. If you have a complete LinkedIn profile, you can create an Infographic out of it RIGHT NOW, with click of a button.

Just go to Vizualize.me and click on “Connect with LinkedIn” in the right side of the screen, just above the create your account fields and you will be asked permissions of your profile, you can accept to give permissions and see your resume Infographic in minutes. Once the Infographic is generated, you can embed it on your website or you can just have a link on your website to point it on vizualize.me.

Alternatively, you could connect via Linkedin, and on the left panel you may find options to Add more Information about about, Change the font, Style of the infoghraph, font et. al.

It is a great tool, do have a look

The DNetWorks Team