Now, find out who unfriended you on Facebook using Timeline; No Scam; real deal

You must’ve seen the posts on people’s wall, which read something like, “Find out who unfriended you- Click here”, or something similar, well, they all were scams leading to CPA webpage et. al, there was no way on Facebook you could figure that out, but now it is possible using the timeline, but the question is would you use it? anyway?

Ok, here is how to go about finding who unfriended you

Skip the first step if you’ve already enabled the timeline


1. Enable Timeline on Facebook, use our tutorial if you wish

2. Pick a year in the timeline and locate the “Friends” Box












3. Click on the link which says Made X New Friends.

4. A box named Added Friends will show up. You can scroll through this list of names of people who you added back in the year you chose in Step 1. The people who have +1 Add Friend written in front of them are the ones who are no longer in your friends list.















Amazing isn’t it? Try it


The DNetWorks Team