Install Linux Ubuntu via USB/Thumb drive : How to

You’ve been using Windows and find it insecure and you have decided to install Ubuntu, one the most popular Linux Flavors (version). But the question is how do you install it via a Thumb drive. Well, you can easily install it via the CD or the downloaded .ISO file, which can be burnt on a CD and install it, you can also install it using a network drive/device.

Actually, installing  Ubuntu  from a USB drive has the same concept as the installation from CD/DVD.  But the installation process is much faster using a USB drive, or  maybe  there is no CD/DVD Drive on the computer or whatever reason.


Here are the steps of  Installing  Ubuntu via USB/Thumb Drive

  1. Make sure your USB drive is bootable and your system allows to boot from the USB, you would find this in the BIOS, when you start your computer, either a DEL or F2 would take you into BIOS.
  2. Make a bootable USB drive.
    To create a bootable USB drive using the Ubuntu Live CD. Run the Ubuntu Live CD, and then from the Menu select
    System-> Administration-> Startup Disk Creator. You can also create it from .iso file here

    make-startup-disk_001_ubuntu usb

    Select the USB target drive, click Make Startup Disk.

  3. Change the BIOS settings to boot via USB drive.
    Plug a USB drive before the computer is turned on, then enter the BIOS settings, change the boot priority to USB drives targeted.  Restart the computer, and do the installation as usual.
Follow the on-screen instruction
You have successfully installed Ubuntu via a USB Drive

The DNetWorks Team