Samsung Galaxy Note gets a Price Tag, will cost $665 in the US, Rs. 34,990 in India

Just days after the announcement of the hybrid Samsung Galaxy Note, the pricing for it is out, earlier than expected. Sammy-branded 1.4 GHz dual-core CPU to end is a  letdown: the Galaxy Note is expected to top the charts in pricing, as it’s being reported that we should see the device show up in Scandinavia by year’s end for no less than , $665 in the US and about Rs. 34,990 in India. It will make the HTC Puccini aka HTC Jetstream, the 10 inch Tab, look like a bargain,  Engadget  reported

samsung galaxy note pricing 1000 $

We that high price Tag, we thing it is worth a miss, 5.3 inch Tab cum Phone was  excepted  with a price tag around INR 35,000, in which, case would have been a must buy, it falls in the pointless arena.

UPDATE 1: 2nd November 2011: Samsung Galaxy Note will cost INR 34,990, in India and will come with a FREE Leather case


The DNetWorks Team