Google Engineer uses the Power of Android and Google Maps to propose to his girlfriend

The world is going insane, people are looking out for unique ways to propose to their girlfriend, The want it to be a memorable event, the one they will cherish for the lifetime, this quest has led a Google engineer to get an ultimate idea.

Google engineer, Ari Gilder decided to propose to his girlfriend Faigy, he didn’t take the traditional route with a candlelit dinner, instead he devised a unique way to propose using Google Maps and an  Android  smartphone.

Ari, built a custom android app and installed it on a Nexus One and give it to girlfriend, on what was one of the most innovative way to propose, confused what he did, his girlfriend has to  complete a scavenger hunt in New York City that led to a very special prize: a marriage proposal.

Directions to the next location were locked by a password that the girlfriend had to figure out by successfully answering a question about their relationship. At each of the six locations, a friend handed Faigy a red rose, took a picture (see gallery below) of her and reminded her to use Google Maps to check in to the venue. When Faigy checked in to a location, a custom app Gilder and fellow Google engineers built asked Faigy to input a password based on questions the stationed friends asked.

When Faigy entered the password, the app would automatically initiate walking navigation to the next location,” Gilder said. When she got to the checkered pin that marked her last destination, her seventh and final rose also came with a question — but this one was from me, and it wasn’t any ordinary question. I’ll leave it to you to guess what her answer was!”

You see, this would never work if it was turned around. Men forget everything. Anyway — back to the story. Once, future Ms. Gilder, reached the final checkpoint she was then met by Ari who dropped to one knee and popped her  the final question


Here are the some Pics of the Scavenger hunt




Now, the question is, what unique ways would you propose your girlfriend. Do let us Know


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