Expectant Mother can now let people know they are Pregnant on Facebook

Facebook users can now list that they are expecting a child on their profile – complete with due date and chosen name.  Users of the social networking site  have been able to add family members’ to their accounts since December 2010.  But new changes to the site mean they can also  add an ‘Expected: child’ field to their page to let others know their baby news.

An update is also published to the public news feed informing followers of the change in the status.  Since the website was launched, frequent additions have been made helping users choose options about personal  relationships.

In February, the site also allowed users to list their relationship status as in a civil union’ or in a domestic partnership’.  Experts say this has been a lot of help for people in less common’ forms of partnerships as well as gay couples.

To add the setting, parents must edit their profile settings and choose  ‘Expected: Child’ from a list of options.  An update is also published to the public news feed informing their followers of the change in circumstances.  When launched on Wednesday, a glitch in the system meant practical jokers could enter their friends names as expected children.

This has now been fixed.




Dhawal D