Fed up with the New Facebook Sidebar? Here is how you can Get Old Chat System Back

Are you one of those 100% people who dislike the Facebook Sidebar and want to get ride of it but don’t know how. We were are again here with a solution for it, fastest than everyone, go ahead get your old chat system chat system back and flaunt it with your friends.


If you are using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera as browser then, there’s a solution to get your Facebook old chat system back.

You just need to install   Sidebar Disabler’  extension on your browser. With this extension you can disable the newly introduced Chat Sidebar and return to the old Facebook Chat. Enjoy!

  • Install Sidebar Disabler‘ for  Chrome  from  here
  • Install Sidebar Disabler‘ for  Firefox  from  here
  • Install Sidebar Disabler‘ for  Opera  from  here
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