USB Wall Socket to the rescue

Are you fed up with your Phone chargers getting tangled, using different adapters for different brand of phones and other hand-held devices?    Most of them can be charged by plugging into the USB ports of your computer, isn’t it?

The engineers at FastMac thought the same thing, only they didn’t just think about it, they solved the problem.  They designed the U-Socket USB Wall Outlet.

The U-Socket is a replacement for your standard wall outlet and adds two USB plug-ins for charging all of your hand-held devices.  The outlet has the transformer  (the stuff inside your charging adapter) built right into the outlet to take your standard 110/220/240V AC power and convert it to the 5V USB power your devices crave.

Adding a couple of these new gadgets around your house will eliminate all the challenges of finding your chargers and an open outlet for them.

Put a U-Socket in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, and another in the living room and you will be ready to keep all of your devices charged.  The U-Socket USB Wall Socket is only $24.99, making it a great bargain.  It is lower than the cost of replacing one of your existing chargers.

Dhawal D