How to remove Bubbles from the Scratch guard / Screen Protector

You waited long enough to get a smart phone and sure you want to do everything possible to protect every sharp glaze on that apple of your eye.

The first thing we load our phones with is a screen Guard/protector and we have every reason to do so right? With so many hands handling it and dust and dirt affecting the silky touch of the glass screen, it is always better to keep the screen protected.

A screen protector is a thin film that is fixed on a glass screen of the device or phone, to protect it from any physical damage. It sure is an important part of cell phone protection, as looks matter! No matter how long, we want the phone to look smart every time we flash it. Now the screen protector is a simple film. No fancy decorations, no mess. Simple, transparent, just the peel-and-stick kinds. Sounds like a neat and no-fuss deal. So there is seldom a day when you want to specially shop for a screen protector, it is such a casual thing that we hardly ever wait to make a choice.


Most of these screen protectors may not be the right kind or may not fix on the screen well. They may not be firmly placed on the screen. And as a result, the screen protector will slowly become a home to tiny air bubbles, trapped on your favorite phone. It may not be a big issue like repairing a wet cell phone or taking care of the phone apps. But getting rid of bubbles on the screen is important as the screen protector may slowly begin to peel off. It may trap more bubbles and dust inside. The screen may get scratches due to the dust or dirt trapped. If you are troubled with similar issues with screen protectors, removing the air bubbles is one solution. Of course you can always remove the old one and fix a new screen protector again. But it is not possible to get a new screen protector always and why spend when you can simply solve the problem at home all by yourself? Scroll down, where we have mentioned some simple ways on how to get rid of bubbles from the screen protector.

Removing Air Bubbles from the Screen Protector

This is a task that requires you to be patient and follow the steps well.

1. First of all, if you do not want to remove the sticker and fix it back again, you can simply take a piece of cardboard or for that sake a card like a credit card, something that has sharp edges. simply swipe the card across the surface of the screen protector. Firmly drag out any air traps or bubbles that are visible and smoothen out the surface. You can also heat the sticker with a dryer, only slightly, so as to soften the screen protector. There you go, a bubble-free screen protector!

For some this solution will not help, if dust is already trapped in the screen, you will have to clean the screen first and then fix the screen protector.

2. Make sure you wash your hands of any dirt or grease.
Next peel and remove the protector from the screen.
Clean the screen with rubbing alcohol mixed with soap and water or a slightly damp and clean cloth. For a more squeaky clean and mirror finish, try to execute this in a damp place. Like in a bathroom, where the air is more humid after a hot water shower.

3. You can also use some tape to get rid of the dust. Use scotch tape and place it across the screen, use many stripes, to cover the complete screen area. Leave a margin outside the screen edge to pull the strip. Now pull each strip carefully. This will give you a clean and dust free screen.
Now fix the screen protector back on the screen, first fix the top edge of the protector, so as to align the sticker well.
Make sure when handling the sticker always hold it on the edges to avoid any finger prints on the screen protector. Now slowly and firmly roll the film out on the screen. Use the cardboard or any credit card to even out the film and get rid of the bubbles.

You can let the screen dry for a few hours and continue to even out the film and remove any bubbles in the process. These were some simple tips and I am sure you will not have to run for outside help, anytime the phone screen is troubled with bubbles!


If you have more tips on the subject, do let us know, we would be more than happy to add it up!

Dhawal D

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