Measure your Heart rate using you Android or iPhone, Instantly

I have been using an instant heart rate monitor for a while on my Android and iPhone, not that I am a  cardiac  patient or something, but just for fun, this app seems accurate, not a pin-point  accuracy  but a good enough app for fun.

Working Principle

The application basically measures your heart rate instantly. With every pulse, the amount of blood flow changes. The color of blood varies the the color of the skin. The depth measured is proportional to the heart rate, which is then calculated and displayed.

The duration of the pulses and the stress levels can also be calculated with the changing pulses. They have an efficient algorithm and is titled as  The best Health & Fitness app on Mobile Premier Awards 2011  according to jury of industry experts. BTW, its got 4M downloads and more then 40k five star reviews.

Azumio  the company behind  Instant Heart Beat app, which was co-founded by  Peter Kuhar  and  Bojan Bostjancic, is just about to announce a large round of series and are funded from one of the Silicon Valley’s top VC firms.

Well, in the TNW footage, the Azumio co-founders mention about reducing the stress levels by breathing exercises. Change in the heart rate with breathing was also shown. Storage of data and analysis is another prime feature. They are keen in collaborating with other developers.

Android heart rate App QR Code

iPhone heart rate App QR Code


Tell us what do you think about the app, incase you don’t have a QR Code reader, search for it, in the Market for Android and App store for iPhone

Here is a video for it

Dhawal D