CISCO Certification: Golden Pass for being a Network Professional

Nowadays, fresher finds it very difficult to get a good job and to build up his/her career in this competitive job market. Today’s giant companies need fewer people due to technological development, and they offer least salary to fresher.

On the other hand, they are interested to appoint multitalented persons in their companies. As a result one fresh graduate finds him in a very odd position, and sometimes he feels very much upset and becomes frustrated. These situations are much harder for science and engineering background students. Good news for them is that  Cisco Certification  program will help them to overcome these situations and lead them to build up a good career in the present IT and networking field.

What is Cisco Certification?

Cisco certification program is a world-wide renowned program that helps you to get a good knowledge over present networking field and enables you to work in this dreamy field of networking. Today’s big IT  firms  valued this certification and want to employ those persons who know  about networking. If you are able to complete these courses perfectly, you will certainly get a good job of a handsome salary. You wouldn’t believe that a good network administrator can earn up to $70,000 per month!

Benefits of Cisco Certification Courses

In Cisco certification program, you will find various types of courses that are required to be a good network administrator. One can choose his course according to his interest, ability and importance of that course for his present job section.  Generally, Cisco certification program offers 5 different levels of universal IT certification. These are basically entry,  associate, expert, professional, and architect. You can build your career in different sections such as Network  security, switching & routing, service provider, etc. So, it’s up to you to choose the gate way to boost up your career.


Cisco Certification Courses                                                                                                    

Name of Cisco certification courses are given below:

  • CCNA
  • CCDA
  • CCNA Voice
  • CCNA wireless
  • CCNA service Provider Operations
  • CCNA  Security

As I said before, different courses have different aspects and different importance. So, you have to decide which course will be better for you for your present job or your dream job that you prefer most. You can search the syllabus of these courses in the internet and after going through these, decide which course or courses you are going to take.


Information about Cisco Certification Courses

CCDA [CISCO certified Design Associate]: This course will help you to design switch & router based network and service including WAN, LAN, and  broadband  facility for organizations.

CCNA [CISCO certified Network Associate]: This course will help you to install, operate, configure and troubleshoot any small and medium size switch and router based network.

CCENT [CISCO Certified Entry Networking Technician]: This course is also like CCNA but there are some differences between their syllabuses. This is needed mainly for troubleshoot the network.

CCNA  Security: Network  security  is an important factor and as an administrator of any network you must need to know the techniques to make your network more secure.

CCNA Wireless & Voice: This course is mainly needed for wireless network engineers.

CISCO Certification programs are offering you an elegant life in this networking field with their courses. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and attend a Cisco Certification Course to boost up your career in a dreamy world of networks!

Dhawal D

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