Blogger Jailed and Fined $7000 for a Negative Food Review

Being a Blogger is cool, isn’t it, there is nothing to lose, plus you have way to monetize without even paying for anything, sounds good and a easy job,  Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be a blogger, especially if you’re doing a negative review of a restaurant in Taiwan.

A Taiwanese blogger whose name has only been released as Mrs. Liu, has been sentenced to 30 days in jail and ordered to pay $7,000 ( £4,300) in compensation for saying that the Sichuan Flavour Beef Noodle Restaurant has noodles that are too salty  on her blog.

But wait, there’s more, In the offending blog post she also noted the presence of cockroaches and called the owner a bully . After finding out about this scathing review, the restaurant’s owner promptly sued for defamation.

The high court in Taichung decided that Mrs Liu had been within her rights to comment on the cockroaches, since this was a narration of the facts .

However, the judge ruled that since she had only eaten one dish of fried noodles, she was unqualified to pass judgement on the seasoning of the rest of the restaurant’s menu.

Lesson learned Noodles are serious business in Taiwan.

Dhawal D