Foursquare reaches 10,000,000 Members

Foursquare, the location based service, has reached 10,00,000 members as reported on their blog. I am an Avid Foursquare fan and love the way the company operates. I have written an article about How Small businesses can benefit from Foursquare. Also some more articles related to foursquare on this blog.

This is a first for a location-based social network and is pretty amazing for a site that only launched in March 2009. By way of celebration Foursquare has come up with an animated infographic, which gives a great way of absorbing the facts and figures and looks at Foursquare‘s history so far.


There’s a plethora of information and one of the most eye-catching items is a map that literally maps the growth of Foursquare as different regions of the world light up following the site‘s progress from March 2009 to the present day. All that in just over 2 years! Also 169 countries have been represented by Foursquare visitors, with 358 million checkins outside the US, while there have been a staggering 4.7 million checkins simply for Main Street across the US. The infographic also shows the most popular chains for the US, split into different categories such as apparel, banks and home and also happiness on Foursquare based on sentiment analysis and more. via  OSM

Dhawal D